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Please cite: Schneider, L., Stöckel, D., Kehl, T., Gerasch, A., Ludwig, N., Leidinger, P, Huwer, H., Tenzer, S., Kohlbacher, O., Hildebrandt, A., Kaufmann, M., Gessler, M., Keller, A., Meese, E., Graf, N, and Lenhof, H.-P.: DrugTargetInspector: An assistance tool for patient treatment stratification. International Journal of Cancer, 2016. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29897


Your options:
  • a GSE file enter a valid GSE identifier (e.g., GSE10072). The corresponding GEO Series .soft file is then downloaded to the DrugTargetInspector server automatically. In a next step, you may specify the sample and the reference group.
  • a text file upload a plain text file containing identifier with or without pre-computed scores. The values have to be whitespace separated. (score list, matrix)
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